If you are truly concerned with animal welfare and appreciate a superior, artisanal meat, then we are the farm for you.

Our family is the sixth generation to live on a beautiful 180 acre farm, situated among the rolling fields and forests of southern Virginia. We raise all natural pigs, cows, ducks and chickens with an abundance of all the colors nature intended...blue sky, green grass and red dirt. We have carefully selected each of our livestock breeds for their specific meat qualities. They are then allowed to grow slowly, at nature's pace. This allows for the full development of a refined flavor and texture, not found in commercially produced meats.

All of our animals are promised a happy, stress free life. Of course, all finishing animals will eventually become one of the high quality meat products we offer. It is our responsibility to respect and appreciate these animals for that intended purpose. It is that profound respect and gentle treatment, coupled with an all natural diet that results in our superior meats. If you are interested in our daily farm life, check out our Facebook Page or Instagram. It's just another way we hope to offer you a deeper understanding, appreciation and connection to the food you eat.

The Taylor~Wright Farm Company  |   1414 Meherrin River Rd, Brodnax, Va 23920   |   (434) 262-2803
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